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Hello everyone,

I’m trying to change the streaming_modes using Olympe 1.2.1 (using the command camera.set_streaming_mode) to high_reliability but the command timeouts every time.

When I inspect the camera.camera_capabilities event triggered at the drone connection, I see that no streaming_modes are available ( streaming_modes=’’ ).

I’ve tried with both Anafi4k and Anafi Thermal, using firmware 1.6.8
I’m pretty sure that streaming modes were available using previous versions of Olympe/drone firmware.

Is it still possible to change the streaming mode using Olympe? I’ve also searched in the Pdraw library (I’m using Pdraw for retrieving decoded video frames) but I found nothing related to streaming modes.

Thanks for your help.

I’m pretty sure Hi reliability, low latency, etc are ardrone3 modes.

What you may be seeing is them being pulled / restricted within the underlying arsdk-xml project as I think I saw some cleanup there in 1.2.1.


Thank you for your answer.

This may be the good answer, even if normally the deprecated commands have this warning in the documentation since 1.2.1:


Maybe there are still some commands like this one which are not marked as deprecated yet…


The command is not deprecated in itself, but as the camera_capabilities event tells you, there is no available values for the Anafi camera (nor for the Anafi Thermal or any other Anafi variant). The previous modes were pulled from the Bebop drones, but were never implemented in the Anafi.

Note that the Anafi streaming should be more reliable than the old Bebop stream, even in high_reliability mode, while at the same time providing better visual quality :wink:



I should have mentioned I would expect these behaviors to be onboard the drone itself and likely adjust parameters within the stream it sends.

This is likely why you don’t see them referenced within libraries like pdraw.

I’ve also noticed olympe is a bit more open regarding command access than groundsdk. It’s flexibility may have contributed to the confusion.

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Thank you for the quick replies!

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