Not able to execute flight plan - Sphinx


We are provided with one “” script in “worlds” folder.

I believe we have option to change default Lat-Lon of drone.


But when I changes default Lat-Lon in script.

After running script sphinx spawns drone on new Lat-Lon and I am able to load flight plan associated with that location.

After uploading flight plan successfully. “FlightPlanPilotingItfs.state” provided by ground sdk is “.unavailable” instead of “.idle”. When I tried to get reason for unavailability. It shows no reason.

But flight is executing for Lat: 48.878922 , Lon: 2.367782. Which are Parrot headquarter’s location.

It concluded that in Sphinx we can only excuse flight plan for Location (Lat: 48.878922 , Lon: 2.367782). For other location state would be unavailable.

Please correct me if I am wrong. I want to use other default location for executing flight plan.

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