Not getting sphinx drone reference - auto connection instance


I am not able get drone using auto connection through get facility api of ground sdk.

AutoConnection: [started, drone = nil, rc: nil] - drone is coming nil…

Wifi receptor of iOS device is connected to wifi hotspot created by sphinx simulator.

iOS Device Info:

  1. OS - iOS 14
  2. iPhone X…

GroundSdk > 1.7.1
ArsdkEngine > 1.7.1
SdkCore > 1.7.1

I believe this issue is occurring because of recent changes done by apple regarding privacy - Local Network…

Ground SDK is trying to run Bonjour service for searching drone but OS is not allowing…

I need to know name of bonjour service ground sdk is trying to run to give permission.


if there is other issue please help me by providing.

Yes, your analysis is correct, it is a “privacy - local network” issue on iOS14.
You have the example in GroundSdkDemo (plist file)

Add these keys in your info.plist :

	<string>We need to access your local network to detect your drone over WiFi</string>


Thank you so much…

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