Obstacle avoidance threshold

Is it possible to set the minimum distance from the obstacles where the drone can fly? My problem is that when I activate the obstacle avoidance and then I give a moveTo command quite close to the ground, the drone stops too high. I’ve looked at the obstacle avoidance documentation, but I don’t see anything about this threshold. Is there any way to change this parameter?
Looking at the AirSDK documentation I’ve seen that there is a dedicated variable, is there any way to change its value?

I believe the problem you have is not because of the obstacle avoidance. However, there is a minimum altitude, see https://forum.developer.parrot.com/t/minimum-height-above-ground-before-landing/17753

Thank you, but my problem is generic, I would like to modify the obstacle avoidance range from any obstacle if its possible. The problem with the the ground was only a simple case example.

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