Olympe 1.8.0: Installation errors on VM Ubuntu 18.04.6

Hi to all,

i had to split this topic in to 3 parts because of the images limitation per post (noob restrictions applied):cry:
I will try do describe the problems that i faced, while installing the parrot-groundsdk repo workspace to my ubuntu VM.

The steps i took are the following :

  1. Create a VM with ubuntu 18.04.6
  2. Install python 3.6.9 and python 2.7.17
  3. Install curl and repo
  4. Configure the email and name (for git)
  5. Execute the instractions for cloning the parrot-groundskd according to the instructions of the official document https://developer.parrot.com/docs/olympe/installation.html
    When executing the following command
    repo init -u https://github.com/Parrot-Developers/groundsdk-manifest.git
    i get the following error
File "~/code/parrot-groundsdk/.repo/repo/main.py", line 79
SyntaxError: invalid syntax 

To solve this problem, i followed this link https://forum.developer.parrot.com/t/olympe-repo-wont-link/12608
and execute the following commands.

$ mkdir -p ~/.bin
$ PATH="${HOME}/.bin:${PATH}"
$ curl https://storage.googleapis.com/git-repo-downloads/repo > ~/.bin/repo
$ chmod a+rx ~/.bin/repo

I repeated the installation by executing the following commands :

$ cd $HOME
$ mkdir -p code/parrot-groundsdk
$ cd code/parrot-groundsdk
$ pwd
$ repo init -u https://github.com/Parrot-Developers/groundsdk-manifest.git
$ repo sync
  1. After executing the repo sync command,
    i get the following error :

i run again the command with the suggested parameters as follows

repo sync -j1 --fail-fast

… and this is the outcome when executing the command

repo sync -j1 --fail-fast

try to run it again with proposed parameters as follows:

repo sync -l

and this time i get the message

repo sync has finished successfully.

The next step now is to install olympe-linux dependencies by executing the command


This step has finished successfully.

The next step now is to build the olympe-linux

./build.sh -p olympe-linux -A all final -j

after accepting the end user licence aggrement the build starts end ends with the following error:

[part 3]

Am i missing something on these steps ?
Any help on this, is more than welcome !!!

you can check my post on Olympe v8.1. installation on ubuntu 20.0. lts. it works fine except i have an issue while handling a method using open cv .