Olympe Mission.wait_ready fails

On Ubuntu 22.04 after upgrading parrot-airsdk to 0:7.6.0, parrot-sphinx to 2.12.2 and parrot-olympe to 7.6.1 all calls to mission.wait_ready timeout.

To test this I built the Hello World example from https://github.com/Parrot-Developers/airsdk-samples/tree/master/hello
and used the example code provided for Olympe mission installation:

import logging

import olympe

import olympe.log

import os

import pprint

from olympe.controller import Disconnected

from olympe.messages.common.Common import Reboot

from olympe.messages import mission

DRONE_IP = os.environ.get("DRONE_IP", "")

HELLO_MISSION_URL = os.environ.get("HELLO_MISSION_URL", "/home/hmoilanen/Documents/DroneCoverage/Examples/DroneHelloWorld/hello/.airsdk/out/hello-pc/images/com.parrot.missions.samples.hello.tar.gz")

olympe.log.update_config({"loggers": {"olympe": {"level": "INFO"}}})

logger = logging.getLogger("olympe")

def test_hello_mission():

    drone = olympe.Drone(DRONE_IP)

    with drone.mission.from_path(HELLO_MISSION_URL).open() as hello:

        # Mission messages modules are now available from the Python path

        from olympe.airsdk.messages.parrot.missions.samples.hello.Command import Say, Hold

        from olympe.airsdk.messages.parrot.missions.samples.hello.Event import count

        # Mission messages are also available under the Mission.messages dictionary

        assert hello.messages["parrot.missions.samples.hello"].Command.Say is Say

        assert hello.messages["parrot.missions.samples.hello"].Event.count is count

        # Install the 'hello' mission and reboot the drone

        assert drone.connect()

        assert hello.install(allow_overwrite=True)

        logger.info("Mission list: " + pprint.pformat(drone.mission.list_remote()))

        assert drone(Reboot() >> Disconnected()).wait()

        # Connect to the drone after reboot, load and activate the 'hello' mission

        assert drone.connect(retry=5)

        assert hello.wait_ready(5)

        # wait for the current mission to be activated

        mission_activated = drone(mission.state(state="active"))

        assert mission_activated.wait(), mission_activated.explain()

        logger.info("Mission list: " + pprint.pformat(drone.mission.list_remote()))

        # load and activate the hello mission

        mission_activated = drone(


            >> mission.activate(uid=hello.uid)


        assert mission_activated.wait(), mission_activated.explain()

        # Make the drone say hello (nod its gimbal)

        assert drone(Say()).wait()

        counter = None

        # Wait for 3 nod of the drone gimbal

        for i in range(3):

            if counter is None:

                expectation = drone(count(_policy="wait")).wait(_timeout=10)

                assert expectation, expectation.explain()

                counter = expectation.received_events().last().args["value"]


                counter += 1

                expectation = drone(count(value=counter)).wait(_timeout=10)

                assert expectation, expectation.explain()

        # Stop and disconnect

        assert drone(Hold()).wait()

        expectation = drone(count(_policy="wait", _timeout=15)).wait()

        assert not expectation, expectation.explain()

        assert drone(count(value=counter, _policy="check"))

        assert drone.disconnect()

if __name__ == "__main__":


The code successfully logs that the mission is installed

olympe - test_hello_mission - Mission list: [MissionMetadataRemote(uid='com.parrot.missions.samples.hello',
                       desc='Describe your mission here.',

and eventually fails with

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/foo/Documents/HelloWorld/helloworld.py", line 66, in test_hello_mission
    assert hello.wait_ready(5)

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/foo/.local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/olympe/scheduler.py", line 310, in unsubscribe
  File "/usr/lib/python3.10/concurrent/futures/_base.py", line 460, in result
    raise TimeoutError()

From ulogcat we can see that the drone is also reporting this disconnection:

01-01 02:04:02.588 W arsdk       (control-136)                    : net ping failures: 1
01-01 02:04:04.588 W arsdk       (control-136)                    : net ping failures: 2
01-01 02:04:06.588 W arsdk       (control-136)                    : net ping failures: 3
01-01 02:04:06.588 E arsdk       (control-136)                    : net Too many ping failures
01-01 02:04:06.588 I manager_ng  (control-136)                    : controller 'olympe': link_status=KO
01-01 02:04:06.588 I manager_ng  (control-136)                    : controller 'olympe': disconnected

One could argue that the timeout window is too small, but even removing it i.e. having it wait indefinitely results in the same net ping failures on the drones side.
For this simulator project accessing the developer settings with FreeFlight7 is not feasible.
How should I continue debugging this? What could be the reason for these timeouts?
Before upgrading parrot-airsdk, parrot-olympe and parrot-sphinx none of the calls to mission.wait_ready resulted in a timeout.

After testing with different packages, downgrading Olympe to 7.5.0 fixed this issue for me.
This is still a weird issue and I would like to have other solutions than “don’t upgrade ever”.

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