Olympe - piloting command delay


I am trying to control the Anafi AI drone from a PC, and hence I am using the Olympe package. For sending commands to the drone, I am using the olympe.Drone.piloting() function. I am using the function in the Sphinx simulator and on the real drone as well (I connect to the drone via SkyController).

During testing, I noticed that the response of the real drone is significantly slower than in the simulation. Hence, I preformed a test where I was sending different step commands to the drone. By comparing the step responses of the real and simulated drone, it shows that the real drone response has an additional delay of 200 - 250 ms. The plots looks very similar, with a difference that the one from the real drone starts 200 ms later. In seems to me that this delay is artificially introduced on the real drone. Is it possible to remove this delay? If yes, how this can be done?


By further examining the issue, I figure out that the delay is coming from the video stream and not from the fact that the control commands are delayed. The images are coming with a 200 ms delay from the drone which caused that my measurements appear delayed.

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