Olympe SetMetadata doesn’t seem to chnage the media ID

def setmeta(drone):
drone(SetMediaMetadata(camera_id=0, metadata=MediaMetadata(copyright=None, custom_id=“1234567_9”, custom_title=“pallets”))).wait()

custom_id != media_id
The media_id cannot be changed

So what am I changing using this code?


The custom_id is saved in the metadata of the media files recorded by the drone (see Custom ID field for video or Xmp.drone-parrot.CustomId field for photo).
The custom_title is saved in the Exif.Image.ImageDescription and Xmp.dc.description fields of the photos, and in the Video title field for videos. If it is empty/unset, the default description/title is used, as specified in the documentation.
Both can also change the folder where the media files are stored on the SD card. If the custom_title is set and not empty, files are stored in a folder names as the custom_title. Otherwise, if the custom_id is set and not empty, the folder is named as the custom_id. If both are unset/empty, the files are saved in folders containing the flight date.

As an example of how this can be helpful, this feature is used by FreeFlight 7 to group the different media files of a photogrammetry mission.


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