OpenGL YUV "unsupported frame sub-format"

Hey all,

I’m trying to run my App on a single-board computer running Android 9.
When I connect the Skycontroller3 I get the following Logcat output:

E pdraw_rndvidgl: unsupported frame sub-format

which refers to
pdraw_renderer_gles2.cpp Line 880

From what I gathered on the web this error occurs, because the OpenGL ES Implementation from the system provides a YUV frame in a wrong format; pdraw only accepts I420 and NV12.

I’m wondering what would be the best way to solve this problem and I’d really appreciate a general hint of any sort.
My C++ skill is quite rusty, so I can’t estimate how easy it is to try to fix it myself and compile the pdraw lib myself, which needs to be added to groundsdk afterwards too I guess.

Thanks all and have a nice week :smiley: