Parrot Air SDK advice and guidance

Hey everyone thanks for reading this post.

I am about to start my development process with ANAFI AI drone and i needs some guidance with the Software SDK. Can anyone please guide me through some features and compatibility.

Goal: I want to make a Computer vision script that will run onboard on the drone side. Goal is to track a object and do orbital/position hold.


  1. is it possible to run CV scripts on board, that has a controller for drone positions.
  2. does SDK allows for external control(roll,pitch,yaw) using a ground computer.
  3. Does SDk allow for multiple drone control through a sigel ground station.

I would really apricate some pointers or any similar projects. I understand this platform is relatively new. I am just trying to figure out, some SDK features before i buy two drones.


Hi @ad2354,

1- Yes, it’s possible to run CV scripts on board. OpenCV is available in C++. Take a look at our road_runner example.

2- Yes, it does. Take a look at Olympe.

3- No, it doesn’t. Only one controller can be connected to a drone at a time.

We have example missions here and you can find all our documentation here.


Thank you so much for your response. Yes i understand for safety reasons its better to have one controller per drone. My only other question would be, can we use opencv python version. I saw that the SDK supports python right?


Opencv4 is included in the drone, but only for C/C++. It is not built for python (in the drone).

We advise against trying to use python for image processing in the mission Air SDK (with opencv4 for example). Instead, we recommend using C/C++, which offers better performance in the drone.


Thanks for your response i have started the parrot ground station development. I did notice that performance on my machine when the SDK, Olympe is running its extremely slow. I am guessing that my machine is under specs. Is there any minimum specs required to run the sim?