Parrot Sphinx Make Drone Follow Fixed Trajectories

Good day, I am new to using Sphinx and am trying to make the Bebop 2 follow fixed path trajectories.

I saw that the Sphinx documentation has a tutorial that somewhat covers this topic:

However, I am still unsure on how to create my own trajectory scripts, how to associate it to the drone, and on how to start the action.

How would I be able to, for example, make the Bebop2 drone fly around in a square?

Thank you for the patience and help.


When you use the handling plugin, the drone does not really fly anymore. It is moved in the scene as if it was dragged by a magic hand. This plugin is typically provided to simulate a user performing an hand launch or calibrating a drone.

To follow a trajectory, you would have to define a flightplan using either FreeFlight or Parrot SDK.

Thank you for getting back to me.

Is there a way to actually simulate flight trajectories in Sphinx that could then be directly given to a parrot bebop drone?

If you create your own .world and set the spherical coordinates to the coordinates of the place where you fly your drone, you can then use the same mavlink file with both Sphinx and a real drone.

There is a running FTP server on the simulated drone that can receive mavlink files. To send a file, you just need to do this:

curl -T example.mavlink

You can also use OpenStreetMap to create a rough 3D model of the place where you plan to fly as explained here: