Parrot webeserver is not reachable when drone is connected

My Parrot Anafi drone is connected to my laptop via controller but I am not able to access the webserver, hecne my flightplan upload is also failing.
Although I am able to connect to the drone in the IP and able to give takeoff, land commands and also able to access the live stream which is rtsp://

Using software version 1.8.0 . Is the IP changed for 1.8.0 ?

@ndessart @Jerome

the port is 80, not 180 I think…

Thanks for the reply. In 1.7.7 version it is port 180 not 80 to access the web interface when connected via skycontroller. then I guess in 1.8.0 this is changed to 80 port, pls correct if I’m wrong.

One more thing, I don’t see media, flight plan options are available in the web portal (when connected at 80) for 1.8.0. That means the PUT API for /api/v1/upload/flightplan will not work in 1.8.0?? or will it work as earlier?

@Jerome @ndessart

Bug on our side, will be fixed in next version

Thanks @Jerome for the confirmation!

I know this might be a bit early to ask, but if I may ask any tentative timeline for the next version to be released with the fix?? so, that we can plan our items accordingly, as we’ll be waiting for this fix.

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