Pause and Reverse Flight Plan

Is it possible to control the playback of an active flight plan? I want to be able to pause midway through (I think using deactivate?) Then from there I want to be able to

  • Reverse the flight plan and manually move the drone back towards the previous waypoint
  • Manually move the drone towards the next waypoint
  • Continue the automatic execution of the flight plan (potentially by passing the mission item to activate)

Kind of like scrubbing the play head in a video player.

Is this possible through the Ground SDK or do I need to set up a custom mission with the Air SDK to accomplish this?

Hi @RobbieNesmith,

Yes, it’s possible to do this with the the Ground SDK. You can use deactivate to pause your flightplan. You can move your drone with the Directive class (relative or absolute move). Finally, you can continue your flightplan with the activate command by passing the missionItem argument, as you said.

You can also to do that with an Air SDK mission.


Thanks, I will look into this for what I need. Is there a way I can change the speed of the active move directive without re-specifying the location or relative move?