PCMD while SkyController 3 is in the loop

When I try to send PCMD (joystick commands) to the ANAFI while the SkyController 3 is in the loop (GroundSDK/Olympe → SC3 → ANAFI) the ANAFI does not move. However, when I connect directly (GroundSDK → ANAFI) without SkyController 3 turned on, the ANAFI moves according to the PCMDs.

Is this because the SkyController and my GroundSDK app PCMDs are interfering with each other? Anyone else try sending PCMDs from GroundSDK/Olympe while with the SkyController 3 is connected?


When an SDK controller connected to a SkyController needs to pilot the drone it must first send the skyctrl.CoPiloting.setPilotingSource command to the SkyController
see this example in the Olympe source tree : olympe/physical_skyctrl.py at master · Parrot-Developers/olympe · GitHub

Without this command by default, the piloting commands source is the SkyController joysticks.

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That’s a good insight I will try this.

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