PDRAW changes with Openflight

I’m attempting to build Openflight with some changes I’ve made in Pdraw to produce an overlay on the video. I’ve grabbed the latest Openflight which references several pods, one of them being sdkcore. From my understanding, the functionality of pdraw is contained in this library (sdkcore). My problem is, for this version of Openflight, it references pod_sdkcore 7.1.0, but the sdkcore pod only contains the “framework” for sdkcore and no code for me to rebuild sdkcore. I’ve built the pdraw changes in GroundSDKDemo from github, and that works, but it references an older sdkcore xcode project from 1.8.0. I tried to reference that framework I built from GroundSDKDemo, but I’m getting a bunch of compiler errors. I’m using xcode 13.3 and MacOS Monterey 12.3.1 iOS 15.3.1

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