Persistent OpenFlight 4G connection

Hello Parrot,

It appears that OpenFlight uses temporary credentials to establish a 4G connection with the Anafi Ai. After about a week, we are unable to connect OpenFlight with the Anafi Ai. To regain connection, we need to get within WiFi range with the SkyController, but in our situation we deployed the drone in a docking station far away from the SkyController.

I am looking for a way to solve this, and I think there are multiple options:
a) Use the FreeFlight token in OpenFlight, because this one does not seem to expire
b) Establish the 4G connection with temporary credentials using Olympe (I have remote access to the Anafi Ai WiFi access point)

However in both cases I am currently stranded. There is not much documentation available about this topic and with the source code for OpenFlight I still have not been able to figure out exactly how the connection process works.

I would greatly appreciate some directions for either of these two options. Also I’m curious how to use the RegisterApcDroneList and RegisterApcToken functions. I did find some clues in the proto files, but still didn’t succeed in establishing the connection.


We did change the behavior of anonymous accounts today, from now anonymous accounts will only be deleted if no 4G pairing has been done previously. If a 4G enabled drone (drone with an active SIM card and active 4G connection) is used with Openflight, it will on the first wifi connection pair automatically to the anonymous account.
This pairing is now unlimited in time.


Hi Sebastien,

That’s amazing news, thanks a lot!
Out of curiousity, does this apply to existing accounts as well? We had our last WiFi connection on Tuesday 28th of March.

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We did a quick test and it looks like our 4G connection that we established last Tuesday is lost. Would it be possible to recover this in the backend?

It was set in production yesterday and only works for new account, I’ll check what can be done.

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@sgager We re-established the connection on WiFi, so there’s no more need to recover it in the backend.

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