Piloting Commands are not working

Hello everyone,
when trying to control the Parrot Anafi from the keyboard with the following script from @ndessart :

the piloting commands except takeoff and landing are not executed by the drone.

A physical drone with skycontroller connected to PC is used.

The infolog says that the PCMD commands are sent but the drone does not move.

Thanks a lot


By default, the SkyController sends its own PCMDs computed from the joystick values, and ignores the secondary controller (usually FreeFlight, but your Olympe application in this case) commands to avoid conflicts.

This can be changed by using the copiloting commands of the SkyController and set the piloting source to “CONTROLLER”. In this case, the SkyController will send your own commands, not the ones based on its joysticks.


Hi Nicolas,

the piloting source is set to “CONTROLLER” and the IP-Adress is set to to use the SkyController.


I tried it again today without a controller with a WLAN connection from my PC to the drone. The behavior is the same here as well. Takeoff and landing work from the keyboard the piloting commands (move left right …) not.

I would be very grateful for an answer, because I wanted to use this program to carry out tests for further implementations with piloting commands.

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