Position of mesh or object at run-time


An object / mesh is spawned in the world. To achieve proper evaluation of some developed methods, it is necessary to read the position and attitude of the object in real-time using Parrot-Olympe.

Is it possible to read the pose of objects / meshes programmatically?


Parrot-Olympe is just a Python SDK for ground controller applications. When connected to a simulated drone (instead of a real drone) Olympe does not connect to Sphinx itself but just the simulated drone firmware. What you’re asking cannot be done through Olympe.

That being said, I don’t known if Sphinx exposes some kind of position telemetry for objects spawned in the world. If it’s the case, you should be able to access it using the pysphinx library :



@ocrave, do you known if it’s possible to get various objects position using pysphinx ?


Only actors spawned with AMS (Populate the scene with actors - 2.9.1) and tracked by the drone can have their positions retrieved using Parrot-Olympe.

The UE4 application HMI can show different details about objects spawned in the world (UE4 Application HMI - 2.9.1), but it can only be done manually using the HMI.

You can also use the UE4 application’s command line argument -list-objects to have a list with all the available objects in the world and their locations/rotations. But this cannot be done in real-time.

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