Precision landing


I recently posted a request for information on getting either a precision landing QR code or if there are other types of precision landing targets and my post was deleted !
I have an Anafai Ai and I’m working on a project where I need precision landing.

I would have liked first of all to have, if possible, details regarding my initial request ?

And also know why my first post was deleted? I received a message that my comments were inappropriate or offensive…

Best regards,


If you’re referring to the “QR codes” that we used on the vehicle tracking video, their purpose is only to create a “recognizable” pattern, which is easier to follow for the vision algorithms running on the drone. Any kind of pattern should work (note: the vertical camera is black&white) for those cases.

Regarding your first message was incorrectly flagged as “potential spam” by an automatic filter. I’m sorry about that, and I’ve since restored the message.


Hello Nicolas,

Thank you for this information, I will be able to move forward on my project.


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