Preferred way of executing full flight plans with GroundSDK (iOS)


I am currently working on an iOS app that requires the user to determine a flight path for the Anafi drone during runtime.

The FlightPlanPilotingItf class expects a MAVlink file to exist on the iPhone containing the flight plan. I am unsure of how to create one at runtime or if the SDK has an interface for this. (Would also like to delete when done) Some info on this would be great.

On the other hand,

The GuidedPilotingItf class looks more like the interface that I want – pass in the Lat/Long/Alt/Orientation and send the command. Maybe I can come up with my flight plan and then call the Guided interface recurrently until I’ve executed each step in my mission. But I am unsure of what would happen if, say, the user presses the RTH button mid-flight while this loop is still executing. Should I add a line of code to ensure RTH hasn’t been pressed (not sure if this is possible, haven’t checked) while executing this loop? Is this a reasonable approach? I feel like a similar interface should exist.

My ideal scenario would be to pass in a list of locations(lat/long/alt/orientation) without creating new external files and also ensure that RTH will exit the mission and return home safely.