Preloading Maps / Distance between waypoints

This is not related to any SDK. I figured I would inject the question to see if it gets picked up by a Parrot moderator.
First of all, I certainly hope the iOS 15.4 instability gets resolved quickly. I’ve experienced it.
Now the questions:

  1. It seems that FF7 has no ability to preload maps like in FF6. This is a major drawback. Our Ai will be used in places with zero connectivity. How can this be achieved? What am I missing.

  2. This is related to question 1. Even I were to successfully preload a map, it appears that in waypoint mission mode or photogrammetry mission mode, the distance between waypoints is not displayed. In FF6, it is. This is crucial when you are flying over an area with no features, like water for example, and yet you need to ascertain waypoint distances. Not sure why this would not have been carried over from FF6. This is crucial…and we strongly suggest Parrot understands this.
    Thanks for your attention,

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