Problems with ANAFI AI sphinx simulation

I use Ubuntu 22.04 for running Parrot Sphinx and the ANAFI AI. Everything was working correctly, but recently, after an OS update, it stooped working. I’m going to describe the process I usually follow to initialize the simulations: First, I setup the UE4 “world”, i.e., parrot-ue4-empty, then I setup the drone with the “sphinx” command. Everything seems to be loaded properly, the drone appears, but the gimbal camera falls and it does not performs the initial calibration. After that it is impossible close the drone simulation and when I try to reboot the computer it hangs and I have to force a shutdown pressing the PC button. It is like some “unkillable” process is still running. Might it be causes by an Ubuntu kernel update (now the kernel version is 6.2.0)?

Thanks in advance! and do not hesitate on asking me for more information that could help.

For a reason that is not determined yet, kernel 6.2 is not compatible with Sphinx.
This problem is targeted be solved in the next sphinx release. In the meantime, you need to use an older kernel version.

Thanks for the response!

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