Protobuf-javalite conflict

I have been unsuccessful so far to build the GroundSDK on windows, but I am trying to get an integration demo completed. We have a critical component that uses protobuf-java and the groundSDK pulls in protobuf-javalite which creates a gradle conflict. I can exclude either but then neither one works. If I try to use protobuf-java the application crashes because
(2023-06-13 18:44:44.751 23239-23239 Crash mil.jtaps.herc E java.lang.VerifyError: Verifier rejected class com.parrot.drone.arsdk.antiflicker.AntiFlicker$Event$State: void com.parrot.drone.arsdk.antiflicker.AntiFlicker$Event$State.mergeDisabled( failed to verify: void com.parrot.drone.arsdk.antiflicker.AntiFlicker$Event$State.mergeDisabled( [0x18] register v4 has type Precise Reference: but expected Reference: (declaration of ‘com.parrot.drone.arsdk.antiflicker.AntiFlicker$Event$State’ appears in /data/app/mil.jtaps.herc-1/base.apk:classes22.dex)

Which does not surprise me because I tried the import on the Hello Drone application and it threw the same error.

Is there any way to get these to live in harmony? Is there anyway to get an engineering build with groundSDK using protobuf-java?

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