Python bindings for AirSDK

I am looking for the Python bindings for AirSDK 7.5.

I am starting the development on the AirSDK platform and am hoping to learn the API as fast as I can. I went through the install and build with the AirSDK cli tool. It’s great and really easy to use. Now, I want to develop my first mission, flight supervisor, and guidance mode. I use the PyCharm development environment on Ubuntu 20. The first thing I notice when I work in the Python code auto-generated by the airsdk init command is that it uses modules such as fsup which are not installed. Because of that, syntax completion and validation does not work in PyCharm. I would really like to have proper syntax completion with the airsdk Python API, but in order to do that I need the Python package with the bindings included in the Python path. I looked through the installed SDK directory and could not find it.

Where can I find the package with the Python bindings for AirSDK 7.5?

Thanks. Help is much appreciated.

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