Question about ReturnHomeDelay parameter


  1. Will ReturnHomeDelay work during FlightPlan execution?
  2. What are the minimum and maximum values of ReturnHomeDelay?


Hi @MikeCharikov,

  1. Not for the moment, it will finish the flightplan before triggering return to home countdown (related to ReturnHomeDelay value).
  2. ReturnHomeDelay min and max values are respectively 1 and 120 seconds. Default value is 1 second.

Thank you @priols!

Can we somehow test it with Sphynx? Is there any ability to simulate RC fail?


Hi @MikeCharikov

You can test it with Sphinx and Olympe. All you need is to upload a simple flightplan (only containing one waypoint) through the webserver and connect to the drone with Olympe. After starting the flightplan, simply disconnect from the drone. The drone will return to home position shortly after disconnection.