Questions about Parrot Anafi Work and Olympe

Ok, apologies if these questions have already been answered elsewhere:

  1. Does Olympe work with Parrot Anafi Work or does it require Parrot Anafi AI?

  2. Can Olympe work on Windows, or a Linux emulator?

I would like to purchase a large programmable drone for my school but it needs to be usable and relatively cheap.



  1. Yes, Olympe does work on all the Anafi drones, including Anafi Work, on top of the new Anafi AI.

  2. Not directly. Olympe is currently Linux-only, and we’re only testing on native machines. However, it might be possible to run Olympe on widows by using WSL (last time I tried, it seemed to install & run properly, but you should test it yourself with a simulated drone before purchasing an actual drone if you want to go this route)


Thanks Nicolas

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