React Native Integration (ground sdk)


I am looking to integrate the ground SDK into a React Native project, the sample project is in swift. Is there anyway to integrate the SDK into React Native?

I would not take that path…
we offer both iOS and Android native integration with GroundSDK!

OK! Well I am trying to integrate both of those SDK into a React Native app. Any suggestions?

Don’t do it :slight_smile:

So it is not possible? This app is cross platform obviously.

Not saying it is not possible of course, but you will basically need to rewrite the whole GroundSDK from the low level commands and libraries, while we made the work for you by creating native and optimized implementation on iOs and Android.

so it is not possible to integrate into a cross platform application? Must be made strictly iOS or strictly android version? I am not a coder…just investigating as I would like to integrate this into my application.

Not with what we provide.
But you can try on your own by creating React Native wrapper for the low level SDK.