Read RTP Stream with FFMPEG


I would like read vertical camera stream. How I can do this with RTP or RTSP with FFplay. RTP is avaible but not documented. PDraw also doesn’t explain how to use RTP mode “-i” because I dont give the port.



The drone proposes five possible streams in the SDP document returned on the rtsp:// endpoint:

  • The main camera, which is the one selected by default by FreeFlight
  • The left and right stereo cameras
  • The vertical camera
  • A disparity map, computed from the stereo camera, used to display obstacle detection data on FreeFlight

With pdraw, you can run pdraw -u rtsp://, and you will get a prompt like:

Select demuxer media id(s); either a single media id (e.g. "1")
or a comma-separated list of media ids (e.g. "1,3"):
 * 1: [front] Front camera
 - 2: [front-stereo-left] Front stereo left camera
 - 3: [front-stereo-right] Front stereo right camera
 - 4: [vertical] Vertical camera
 - 5: [disparity] Disparity map

On which you can select which camera you want to see.

How to select a specific media in the SDP document returned by the drone varies depending on the receiving software (e.g. vlc displays this choice as a video track selector), but I don’t know how to do it specifically on ffplay.

On pdraw, the -i, -s, -c, -S and -C options are kind of deprecated, as they were only useful for getting the video stream out of a Bebop/Bebop2/Disco drone, which used RTP for streaming, but not RTSP for session management. On an Anafi Ai, the -u rtsp://<drone_ip>/live option is all you need to get a live stream.


Ok. To get video from Anafi I need to communicate with RTSP.

I would like use my video reader library to do that, so I must integrate a RTSP communication :frowning:

Have you a documentation that explain the protocol and command ? There are lot of codes and examples in the GroundSDK but without a clear documentation is very difficult.


RTSP is a standard protocol, described in RFC-2326. The same goes for the underlying RTP & RTCP protocols (RFC-3550 & RFC-3551).

That’s why other video players (like ffplay or vlc can be used to get the drone video stream.


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