Reading RTSP metadata from ANAFI USA

Hi I did a python’s program for my ANAFI to get gps coordinates in real time while flying but it doesn’t work with USA (due to the fact that only 1 device can be connected to the drone). I saw that I must create a C program with the Pdraw-vsink library to do it. But I don’t find any documentation about that (librairies, functions, methods…) . I’m not really worthy with C langage. Someone has some informations to help please ?


If you already have a program working with a direct connection to the drone, I suggest you use the same program and connect to the streaming proxy on the SkyController (rtsp:// Does that help? What kind of setup do you have in mind?

Hi thanks for the replay. I would like to receive gps coordinates and rtsp stream in real time while flying.

Hi the program is working with olympe using the skycontroller proxy.
When I try to launch pdraw-vsink-test nothing is happening