Recording environment state at each timestep

Hello there,

I think that this may be more a Gazebo-related rather than a Sphinx-related question, but here it goes:

I am trying to record both the drone’s and actor’s (pedestrians) position and acceleration at each timestep in a simulation. Moreover, I will like to get the border’s positions of every static object in the world. To this end, bear in mind a simplistic environment like the outdoor_4 world.

I know that the drone’s can be done using the telemetry tools; likewise, the pedestrian position can be recorded with Gazebo log tool. However, I don’t know how to record / store the static object features (border positions) and the pedestrian model accelerations. Do you know or have any clue about how can this be done?

I know this solution is far away from being scalable to more complex environments, however it seems (to me) simpler than setting a full ROS setup.

If it’s of any help, I am using the latest version of Sphinx with the Anafi firmware.

Thanks in advance!

Joaquín Terrasa

you can create a subscriber to read the pose in gazebo.

Do you mean at Gazebo or at ROS? I am a little confused about the pub-sub pattern between both.

When you do simulation, it will automatically generate a gazebo environment. And you can use a ROS node to read the real-time pose of model’s pose. Maybe there are some easier ways, but I have done this and it works well.

Do you mind sharing the node, or did you get it from ROS package hub / Github? I’d definitely like to try it but my expertise in C / C++ code is null.

Thanks in advance for any of the answers :smile: