Refresh Rates for Instruments and ManualCopterPilotingItf

How often should we expect updates from instruments (such as GPS and Altimeter), and how often can we send updates to interfaces like ManualCopterPilotingItf.setVerticalSpeed?

I am observing what looks like 200ms for instruments (over wifi connection, RC connection doesn’t work for some reason), and maybe 500+ms for setVerticalSpeed, which results in very “jumpy” movements.

  • Instrument updates are forwarded by GroundSdk as soon as they arrive from the drone, there is no rate limiting mechanism here. Now I don’t know exactly how frequently the ANAFI may send updates for GPS and Altimeter, maybe someone working on the ANAFI firmware team would know better.

  • For piloting commands (i.e. setPitch/setRoll/setYawRotationSpeed/setVerticalSpeed), those four values are all packed together in a single message that is sent to the ANAFI every 50ms.