Relative and world values come from GPS or IMU?

@Djavan Hi, I was able to get drone data using “tlm-data-logger”.
Then, I converted “*.tlmb” file to “csv” file and checked the values.
There were relative values(relative.linear.velocity, relative.angular.velocity …) and world values(world.position, world.linear.velocity,…).

First, does relative values come from IMU? and world values from GPS?

Second, even after I disabled GPS by setting “out-of-order: true” in the local host setting, I was able to receive all of the relative and world data. Does it imply it doesn’t use GPS signals?

Third, SpeedChanged and AttitudeChanged are coming from IMU? Basically, I am wondering if it uses GPS to get velocity or integrate IMU values to get velocity.


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Hello, were you able to get more information ?