Replace the stock SVM algorithm in Anafi 4K

Hi Parrot developers,

I want to replace the stock SVM algo by my custom model to detect specific target, is it possible?

There is no Anafi 4K firmware to modify so I thing to customize the Ground SDK using the video stream for my model input. But it isn’t convenient since I depend on the streaming for offboard computing. Is this way I have to go?

NB: from the Anafi 4 K white paper p 14, the stock SVM can detect cars and pedestrians only. And in Cameraman fly mode one has to select a target for tracking but what I need is a autodetection.


Hi @alnI3S,

It is not possible to modify the Anafi 4K firmware so yes, Ground SDK is a good solution. You can also use Olympe to do your SVM algo with the drone stream. There is no other way than streaming to do that.


Hi @Axelm,

Thank you for your reply and confirmation for my first thought. I’ll go this way with Olympe and Sphinx.


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