Return to Launch not landing the drone


I am controlling the Parrot using my own custom MAVLink Proxy (No Olympe or SDK)
Right now I am trying to imitate the fail safe procedure when the Parrot loses communication or runs out of battery, returning home and landing. Unfortunately when I use SET_MODE and set it to PX4_CUSTOM_SUB_MODE_AUTO_RTL, and or send the MAV_CMD_NAV_RETURN_TO_LAUNCH command, the Parrot will only hover over its landing spot. Is there a way to get it to land at home with one command?


You can configure the behavior at the end of the return home through the RTL_LAND_DELAY parameter.

Thank you, for some reason our version of QGC didnt have that available but its all sorted now. RTL works great when the drone is far away but when its to close to its launch it just drops a bit and doesnt actually go to launch. Any tips?

This is the expected behavior: if the drone is less than 20m from its home location, it won’t launch RTL.

Is there anyway to get around that?

No, this isn’t configurable

Curious what the reason for that is. And would just setting a waypoint to the home coordinates and landing work or is there something else I am missing

And if it doesnt return home within 20m. Does it just land where it is?

Yes, manually setting a waypoint should work.
If it is configured to land after the end of the RTH, it would land in place it too close of the home position.

Interesting, it doesn’t seem to land when we test it in the simulator. Ill try and test it outside

Unfortunately, it doesn’t land in place when its too close. I am just going to write a function that computes the drones delta from Home-Position and Local-Position-ned and land from there

I’ve also been trying to manually set home position but it seems like that command is not supported. Is that true?

You should be able to set a custom home position with a MISSION_ITEM_INT message with type NAV_MISSION_TYPE_RALLY

Would this home be the one the parrot goes to on fail safe (low power or disconnection). Or would it only be used for Mission purposes

Yes, it should be used as the fail safe return home point

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