RTSP WiFi Video Stream Delay

Using the RTSP stream from the Drone while connected to my computer via WiFi. It works as it should and the quality is pretty good when the drone is not flying, but there is about a 1-2 second delay. If I fly the drone while connected, the stream becomes almost unusable with the bitrate dropping dramatically, and the delay increasing.

This is the case no matter if I use VLC, FFMPEG, OpenCV, or GStreamer. I’ve tried a few tricks to shorten buffering, latency, codecs, but to no avail. Is there any way to improve the video stream output similar to what FreeFlight6 puts out while connected to WiFi?

The closest I’ve been able to come is connecting the controller via ethernet to my machine while it is connected to the drone and using the controller rtsp stream. However, I’m looking to run my own mavlink commands and this causes an issue because only one device can connect to the drone at a time.

I just find it odd that the quality is perfect when using the controller or my phone over WiFi, but my computer struggles to keep a consistent bitrate.

Hi @lrdkzii,

It’s normal because Anafi has no network congestion resolution, so the video stream sent does not adapt to the quality of the connection if you don’t use FreeFlight or the Parrot controller.

One solution is to connect a Parrot SDK controller to the drone to enable network congestion resolution. You can use, for example, Olympe to bridge the gap between the drone and your own script/program/app. You can also use GroundSDK for Android or GroundSDK for IOS.