Running libvideo-metadata


I am a little confused how I am supposed to build and compile libvideo-metadata.

What is the proper way to build libvideo-metadata with Alchemy?



I am assuming you are building for a Linux host.

You can build individual Alchemy packages using -A <package_name>, for example:

./ -p pdraw-linux -A libvideo-metadata -j4

or for the vmeta-extract program:

./ -p pdraw-linux -A vmeta-extract -j4

This builds the package including all its dependencies (package names are found in the LOCAL_MODULE variable in files). The result can be found in out/pdraw-linux/staging/

Hi @Akaaba,
This post helped me get vmeta-extract built as not familiar with Alchemy however can you let me know then how to use vmeta-extract?
I can use this:
./out/pdraw-linux/staging/ vmeta-extract -h
to successfully run and view the help options.
But when I try and run it on a video file like this:
./out/pdraw-linux/staging/ vmeta-extract --pretty --json ~/videos/parrot_vid_2.MP4

I don’t seem to get any output and just get the help information output.
I must be doing something wrong.
I’m running on Ubuntu 18.04 and PDraw installed fine as per these instructions:



the --json option requires the output JSON file name as argument.
So in your case:
./out/pdraw-linux/staging/ vmeta-extract --pretty --json out.json ~/videos/parrot_vid_2.MP4

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