Sample code to Save Frame as image in GroundSDK?

Hi, have trouble finding sample code to save the →
struct mbuf_raw_video_frame *frame : as a image file (e.g. JPG) (obtained from pdraw).

Appreciate any assistance :slight_smile:

Hi vincej56,

You can extract the plane data from the struct mbuf_raw_video_frame as follow:

const uint8_t *plane_data[VDEF_RAW_MAX_PLANE_COUNT];
plane_count = vdef_get_raw_frame_plane_count(&info->format);
	for (unsigned int i = 0; i < plane_count; i++) {
		size_t plane_len;
		res = mbuf_raw_video_frame_get_plane(
			frame, i, (const void **)&plane_data[i], &plane_len);
		if (res < 0) {
			ULOG_ERRNO("mbuf_raw_video_frame_get_plane", -res);
			goto out;

With the plane buffers, you can either save the frame as raw video file (.yuv), or encode the frame in JPEG format with libjpeg-turbo for instance.



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