savedPlan.json: need clarification on first few lines of file

These lines, in the savedPlan file:

“version”: 1,
“title”: “square”,
“product”: “ANAFI_4K”,
“productId”: 2324,
“uuid”: “square”,
“date”: 1644083375197,
“progressive_course_activated”: true,
“dirty”: false,
“longitude”: 9.878569431602955,
“latitude”: 44.07119246961321,
“longitudeDelta”: 0.017007552087306976,
“latitudeDelta”: 0.003314858190044845,
“zoomLevel”: 15.887903213500977,
“rotation”: 359.4111328125,
“tilt”: 0,
“mapType”: 4,
“plan”: {
“takeoff”: [
… etc…

Particularly, the lat, long and delta’s : to what are they referring? If the flight plan (above) is a simple closed square with a POI in the middle of the square, what is the significance of this above mentioned point?? To experiment, I manually changed these lat , long values to a point 10’s of kilometers away from the POI and vertices, and it had no effect on the path the ANAFI flew…

Thanks for your attention,

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