SC3 connection RNDIS and Port 9050

I’d like to connect via a Windows 10 PC (on witch I installed Microsoft RNDIS Driver) and a USB-A to USB-C cable to the SkyController.
Searching on this forum, I understood that the SC3 is finding I have a DHCP server running and so, takes an IP adress like (saw it in Windows 10 Settings Network Card properties.
I can Ping this adress and it responds…
Now, I’d like to launch a command such as ADB connect to access the mapping file (saw that there is an option here to change the Expo between linear or exponential parameters like 1,2 or 3.
The problem is I have the impression the port 9050 does not allow connection or isn’t even listening.

Would you have an advice on what I am doing wrong (tried to connect via the Anafi WiFi network, tried also … nothing seems to connect where some others did connect last year with the same approach).

Thanks in advance

… still no suggestion ?
Well, I’ll,think I’ll’put it over my ear and smoke it elsewhere…