SDK programming in Swift?



I have the mini drone Mambo and I have seen that the SDK supports Objective-C and that there are some swift playgrounds.

Can I use swift to control the drone?

If not where are the best tutorials for Objective-C and Python (which library is the best one to use) please?



List of all the environments and swift is right there at the top


Hi CaptainSaavik,

Yes there are a few playgrounds but can I create a swift app to control the drone, as I cannot find any info on that, objective-c yes but swift I don’t think so?



So, you can download the playground book and all the code is open source inside.
You will see that we are using a “light” version of the APIs in swift.

Complete Swift SDK will come later, stay tuned :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this ‘light’ version available to download? whilst I wait for the full SDK


If you install the SwiftPlayground on your iPad, you’ll have the source code in your iCloud account.
Otherwise, you have a direct access to the source code on our Github release (in


Thanks I have got those playgrounds now, is there any documentation/reference on it or will I have to go through each file.

Any tips, recommendations would be great :smile:


There is no documentation on this as the purpose was only to get the Playground working.
But the code is nicely written and self explanatory :slight_smile:


Just wanted to pass on some kudos … the Swift Playground was artfully done. I just finished teaching a unit to a group of high school students and they loved it.


Any update on the release timing for the complete Swift SDK? Is it going to be applicable for the Anafi?