Sensor Size, Camera Intrinsics matrix for all Parrot Models


I’m a developer for some free and open source software called OpenAthena, which allows common drones to spot precise geodetic locations on earth using just pictures and their metadata:

The Android app lets a user simply tap on any point in an image to geo-locate it by calculating ray angles and casting against a digital elevation model which stores altitude of terrain.

For this calculation to be accurate, it requires the physical size of the CMOS sensor and the maximum 4:3 image resolution for each model drone. I’ve been able to find this information, related to common “camera intrinsics”, for DJI, Autel, and Skydio drones, but haven’t been able to find satisfactory information for Parrot models:

If I could get a list of Parrot’s products, their camera EXIF model tag, and their CMOS sensor width and height, this would go a long way to help Parrot’s customers with a variety of use cases for the free software.

-Matthew Krupczak

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