Serial protocol - ANAFI 4k

Is it possible to communicate with the drone via Serial port directly? Just a curiosity. I noticed that the Sky Controller 3 can sync with the drone via the USB-C port. I am wondering if it is possible to send and receive data using the serial port. USB port, over the Serial protocol.

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Is this not possible? I tried a few things, and can only get the drone to mount as a storage device - nothing more.


likewise I tried to communicate via the usb-c port but impossible. I think the firmware prevents any unrecognized communications.

yeah - i think you’re correct. Parrot has the OS packages on their website - so i’ve been trying to exploit busybox or another package(the Telnet service requires an SSH key - smart on them) so that i can get in and setup the ftdi drivers for usage over the usb-c. So far though, looks like i’ll have to dump the firmware and modify it -.- what a pain. The bebop wasn’t this hard to get into and setup Serial drivers - they have learned much from their military contracts xD

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