Set auto return home to false


When I upload a flight plan which takes the drone far away so it lose connection to olympe, it is returning home as soon as it reaches the destination. I would like to disable this feature if possible. From what I can tell I should be able to use the olympe.messages.rth.set_auto_trigger_mode messages for this. But when I try setting it to false it is not working.

    assert drone(


2022-04-24 09:17:36,522 [INFO]  olympe.pdraw.ANAFI-F023445 - _create_pomp_loop - Creating pomp loop
2022-04-24 09:17:36,529 [INFO]  olympe.pdraw.ANAFI-F023445 - _create_pomp_loop - Creating pomp loop
2022-04-24 09:17:36,546 [INFO]  olympe.drone.ANAFI-F023445 - _send_command_impl - rth.set_auto_trigger_mode(mode='off') has been sent to the device
2022-04-24 09:17:36,560 [INFO]  olympe.drone.ANAFI-F023445 - _recv_cmd_cb - rth.auto_trigger_mode(mode='on')
2022-04-24 09:17:36,997 [INFO]  olympe.drone.ANAFI-F023445 - _recv_cmd_cb - wifi.rssi_changed(rssi=-34)
2022-04-24 09:17:37,996 [INFO]  olympe.drone.ANAFI-F023445 - _recv_cmd_cb - wifi.rssi_changed(rssi=-33)

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