Set stencil values for a specific level not working


I am trying to set custom stencil value for the segmentation cameras but I have the impression that the command shown here does not work: “parrot-ue4-empty -write-stencil-file=/path/to/template.yaml”

No files are generated

Did i miss something ?


Your command line option is missing the file.yaml
I see in your screenshot “parrot-ue4-empty -write-stencil-file=/home/”, it should be “parrot-ue4-empty -write-stencil-file=/home/file.yaml”

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Ah yes my bad, i was focused on permissions…
I still have the error but the file is created correctly, thanks !

For the error, it is because you are trying to write in the /home/, which is not allowed by users.

You should put a path to a user space, for example /home/<your_username>/workspace/file.yaml.
And no need to start the parrot-ue4-empty with sudo.

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