Sign mission for real drone


I’m trying to use Hello, Drone mission on real drone. I followed the doc “Hello, Drone!” - 7.7, set the profuct_config.json as asked


	"publish": {
		"firmware": {
			"update": {
				"image" : "com.parrot.missions.samples.hello.tar.gz",
				"sdk_ids" : ["091a"]
	"signature": {
		"key": "edcsa:remote:classic/key.pem",
		"classic": {
			"images": [
				{ "in": "com.parrot.missions.samples.hello.tar.gz" }
			"script": "common/scripts/"

But I can’t build : Invalid key prefix: edcsa:remote:classic/key.pem.

Any ideas ?


There may be an error in the doc, we should use ecdsa instead of edcsa.

Indeed, it is a typo. It will be fixed for the next release.


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