Skycontroller 3 antennas : Questions?

Is it possible to obtain some information on the antenna system of the SCAF of ANAFI (Sky Controller 3)?

I could see:
1 / There are 2 antenna inputs to Wifi modems:

  • Are these 2 separate 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz inputs?
  • Are these 2 2.4 / 5Ghz inputs with diversity?
    2 / There are 2 very similar patch antenna systems identified Right and Left (and not 2 .4 and 5 Ghz)? Can we have more information on this?
    3 / ANAFI would use either 2.4 Ghz (further and less band), or 5 Ghz (shorter and more band, according to the well-known rule of consistency of the product GAIN.Bande_Passante … Physical laws are the same everywhere, all the time…): Does the video retransmission use the same band / the same channel as the control commands? Or does it do otherwise?

Question on the RTH:

  • We define an altitude of RTH: Suppose that we land far from the RTH ANAFI but that we have a link loss at that time: What will be the behavior in RTH of ANAFI?
    ** Will it take off again? To reach the altitude of RTH and then execute are RTH cia GPS?
    ** Will it stay on the GROUND? since he’s on the GROUND, wouldn’t he re-educate then?

Thanks in advance for any answers.


On a wifi transmission. TX and RX data are working together within the same band and frequency. It is called “bi-directional traffic”. This is typically how wifi to work (same channel handles everything).

They are dual band antennas. One PCB antenna board has both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz sub-antennas embedded. But on Anafi, the 5GHz band works better than 2.4Ghz band in terms of effciency.

RTH would just send your drone back to where it takes off (works only if the coordinates was logged correctly before it takes off). It would hover on the ground about 2 meter high and awaiting for reconnection. If all reconnection attempts are failed before its battery power is drained off. It should land on itself. If the battery cells are decay (cells are aged). It may just fall like a rock unexpectedly.