SkyController 3 RTSP Stream to Android


My goal is to connect an Android phone to the SkyController 3 and be able to both stream the live video data as well as access the device medias. So far I have been able to do the following…

USB-C on SkyController to Linux Laptop for both RTSP video stream and media transfer at
Android Phone connected via Anafi WiFi for both RTSP video stream and media transfer at

I have a wide array of USB-C and USB-A ethernet adapters and OTG cables but I haven’t been able to get the RTSP video stream working via the SkyController 3 on Android yet. I’ve read this topic: Monitor drone while flying using SkyController and looked at the diagram, but going straight from either the A or C ports on the SkyController to an OTG cable to the phone doesn’t seem to work. Is there a specific port on the SkyController (either A or C) that I need to use, or a particular cable configuration that should work? Thank you.

I received some more USB-Ethernet adapters and found a combination that allows me to connect to the SkyController 3 directly from the Android phone. The only problem now is that I can’t seem to have this connected and use the Freeflight App (stays disconnected). I was able to use a hub on the SkyController and connect two phones (one ethernet, one USB) to get Freeflight and the ethernet connection. Is this the only way to use both? Thanks.