SkyController 4 input on Windows 10

Hello everyone,

I need to read input from the Parrot SkyController 4 on Windows 10.

Here is what happens when I plug in the controller to my PC.

  • light blue/white light pulsing under the power button on the controller
  • green solid light next to the usb c port on the controller
  • Under Devices and Printers it pops up as an Unspecified Device named Skycontroller 4 v7.3.2
  • In the Device Manager under Other Devices I have RNDIS with NO DRIVER installed
  • In the Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus Controllers I get a USB Composite Device. There is a driver installed here.

I’ve tried a few things to interface with the controller

  • I attempted to use the windows RNDIS driver which allows me to navigate to
    • I tried connecting with websockets on port 80. This resulted in a timeout on connection
  • I attempted to use the REST endpoints. Some of them worked, some did not. For example the Websocket endpoint did not work. 404 not found Module Web (v1) - 7.7 (Maybe there’s a version mismatch here?)
  • I used Zadig to install the WinUSB driver instead of the RNDIS driver. I was able to read device details and get the device endpoints but again, reading from that did not work
  • Tried to use a serial connection. No luck there.

It looks like all of the SKDs that parrot released are for Linux. I’ve looked through the code from Olympe for how it connects to the controller but couldn’t find anything there that would help me.

Ultimately my question here is: How do I read Skycontroller 4 input in WIndows?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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