Skycontroller RTSP Stream Not Working with my VMS, nor a Video Decoder

Hello all, looking for some help to better understand the RTSP stream that the Skycontroller USA generates. I am able to pull up the stream with no problem on a laptop through VLC player when connected to the laptop using a LAN cable between the laptop and controller (rtsp:// However, I’m trying to take this solution a step further and either have the VMS I use (Wisenet Wave) ingest the stream, or a video decoder (takes the IP video and turns it into HDMI output). On both the VMS and the decoder, the video from the Skycontroller does not work. The VMS does recognize it but won’t play it, and it appears the same with the decoder. The decoder says “normal” under status, meaning it’s communicating with the Skycontroller, but I just get a black screen.

I feel like I’m missing something. Is this a true RTSP stream coming out of the Skycontroller? Is there some different codec being used within the RTSP stream.

Any help would be apprecaited. Thank you!

The stream coming out of the SkyController is a true RTSP stream encoded in H.264. However the H.264 encoding of the video uses low-latency and error resilience features. For instance there are no I-frames (IDR) in the stream, only P-frames with intra-refresh (rolling portions of the image intra-encoded) for synchronization and error recovery.
It is likely that the decoder or VMS that you are using only synchronizes (and starts decoding) on an IDR frame. VLC on the other hand supports synchronizing on intra-refresh streams.