Some questions about sphinx - Crazy Gimbal

I’ve made a ton of progress recently getting Sphinx to run within a Fusion VM on my MBP under Ubuntu 16.04.5. The VM is configured with 4 cores, 3GB of RAM, and 3GB of shared Video RAM and dedicated to my onboard Radeon Pro 560.

I went with a TPLINK USB dongle (Ralink).

The only model I can get to run is the Anafi. The Bebop, Bebop2, and Disco models crash shortly after coming online. bebop2 also crashes with ::with_front_cam=false but disco works.

Using the empty_world world as a base, I added a single plane to it (grass_plane) and I’ve been getting some odd results. The camera appears to be all over the place - as if the drone is experiencing virtual physics issues (wind / gravity / etc) but I have verified I’m using the recommended physics settings in my world file. I am aware of the video hardware / gl requirements for the camera and need help ruling that in or out as root cause.

See below for what it looks like (yes, I got the SD card working too):

Beyond that, it is working great. I’ve started integrating it into my normal development workflow instead of a real drone and really appreciate the flexibility it provides.


Doing some more testing / tweaking, I am confident I am not having any actual video card / OpenGL / performance issues.

What I am seeing is some craziness with the Anafi’s gimbal. It shows up as uncalibrated and cannot be calibrated.

Any clues on how to fix this?